What is JTR Presents?

The brand is about helping the community and its artists by the artists and through art.

Core Values

01 Pay the Arts and the artists their worth.
In assessing the work we do, we seek not only to provide “reasonable”

02 Contribute to a good cause.

03 The Arts are a community service.

04 Take things as they seem.
Transparency is a constant in both our work culture and in our work with others.

05 Everyone can get what they want…and at the same time.

06 Help me Help you.

07 Each one Teach one and come together.

08 Awareness into Action.

09 Collaboration, and Agreement over Cooperation.

10 There is a solution to every problem…often many.

Mission & Vision

In the vision of providing classes of securing and elevating the value of Art & Design, We provide a growing variety of